About us

Durable motocross, enduro and other tuning parts and accessories made of high-quality aluminum (7075T6), which compete with the quality of even the most popular foreign brands.

CNC Technology

Our company uses CNC technology to manufacture individual and small series precision machined parts. Our main profile is the production and design of cross and enduro accessories as well as tuning and custom parts.

Racer tests

Our products are tested by cross and endurocross riders and gain their final shape based on their feedback and advice. Among other things, Jr. Also Kornél Németh.

Excellent material quality

Our products made of the highest quality aluminum (7075T6) are more durable than even the products of the most popular foreign brands.

20 years of experience

Our company’s more than 20 years of experience in CNC technology ensures the highest quality.

Gergő Imre

Hello, I am Gergő Imre, the founder of Hardline-X Racing. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing custom and small serial precision CNC milled parts mainly for cross and enduro motocycles…

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