Coming soon! Hardline-X’s new footrest is the Hard-core

by | 2022. Feb. 1. | Egyéb

In the spring, Hard-core is a new member of the Hardlin-X footrest family in stores. New development is characterized by a more aggressive design and more striking exterior. Better grip, better grip, more stable position, even in muddy and wetter terrain. The pins that hold the foot here are the tried-and-tested replaceable M4 CrMo4 screws. It has a dragon ejector, it cleans better and easier. In its stillus, it is halfway between the enduro and the Mx footrests. Maximum grip while sparing boots. The raw material for this will also be the strongest aluminum available in the industry, the 7075 T561. It will only be available with a corundum (ceramic) coating. The tests went very well, production is starting slowly.

The first step in the design is to model the tread surface.

Second step in generating Cnc milling machine tool paths …

G codes for toolpaths, the “language” of Cnc milling machines.

It grips the foot very well, it is very good to go with it, it provides a stable driving experience. It will be available for all KTM models, all Shercora, Husqvarna from 2015, all Beta, all Yamaha.
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