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Our company uses custom or small series precision machined parts with cnc technology. Our main profile is the production and design of cross and enduro accessories and tuning parts. Our parts are made of excellent raw materials, this is provided by Amari-Hungária. Cnc technology and 20 years of experience ensure excellent quality and precision. Our products are tested and shaped to their final shape by cross and enduro cross riders. Our products are used by such leading competitors as Kornél Németh, Márk Szőke, Norbert Zsigovits, Ádám Kovács, Gábor Firtosvári, Tibi Hostyánszki, Bohuslav Radek, Balázs Déczi, Péter Nagy, Márk Ábrahám and Bence Holló. We are in constant contact with the competitors, so we always develop our products according to their needs. We review our products every year to see how we can get even better. From 2021, we will be making the Cross Country Adventures tally footrests, which are already available all over the world. the footrests of the Italian company Rebel are also made in our factory. This year, in 2022, the engine of the Yamaha Ténéré 700, prepared for the rally race at the factory Yamaha stand, will also feature a footrest made for the Hardline-X Rebel.

Hardline-x Enduro lábtartó
Hardline-x Enduro lábtartó
Hardline-x Enduro lábtartó

The premium category footrests of the 2022 Hardline-X Racing have been released!

Hardline-X’s premium footrests are again made of 7075 T651 aluminum with CNC machining. The gripping part has been redesigned to satisfy the extra stresses of a hard and extreme enduro. As a result, it has a thicker and stronger gripping part, which is accompanied by its own spring. The footrests have been given a top-of-the-range ceramic coating. This special anodizing is unique in the off-road accessories market. Its color is gray, which is formed without paint, so the material reacts to the galvanic process. It is not normal to feel the footrest in hand, as we do not touch the aluminum, only the ceramic. The redesigned logo of the Hardline-X is burned with a fiber laser. This logo will only be found on our company’s premium products. The threaded studs are made of CrMo4 galvanized.

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Custom parts

Our company also provides the opportunity to manufacture completely custom parts. Whatever it is, if you dream it, we will create it..

Excellent material quality

Our products made from top quality materials are more durable than the products of the most popular brands.

Racer tests

I don’t think we need to introduce Kornél Németh. Among other things, we develop our components based on his tests.

CNC technology and 20 years of experience ensure excellent quality and precision

Our products are tested and shaped to their final shape by cross and enduro cross riders

Our premium category products are made of premium quality (7075 T651) aluminum

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