Development of the 2022 KTM footpegs

by | 2022. Jan. 4. | New products

Development of the new 2021-2022 KTM footrest

In 2022, KTM changed the footrest space in the frame, which was not a problem with the factory cast iron footrests but requires significant changes to the cnc milled aluminum footrests as the space in the frame is maxed out. Patrik Palsics # 400 enduro rider II helped us a lot in this. div. is an enduro champion who is already pushing in Class I this year and is not an MX Quards mechanic by the way. Patrik rubbed the footrest out of himself, making his job a lot easier, not to mention pushing his 21 Husqvarna into the Hardline-X workshop. So the prototype of the latest KTM footrest is complete. In the spring stores!



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